Looking for DATA VENDOR

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  1. Hello to all
    i have question about DATA VENDORS

    Im looking for ability to

    - read data (1m bar each minute - 3 symbols)
    - each 24h read history (1m bars) of all symbols on US market

    I trying use IB but there is not possible read all historical symbol data...

    Do you know any other data vendors except IQFeed ? Please write me tips..

    Im JAVA programmer, i would like to read data in java, JAVA api will BEST solution for me, i think that is also possible read data over FIX protocol...

    Best sollution will be possibility to connect remotely without WIN client (i would like to make this solution on UNIX)

    Thanks for your time and help

    With regards
  2. dloyer


    I am trying to move off TradeStation, so I am in the same boat.

    The two main vendors I have found are eSignal and IQFeed.

    They both seem to have similar capabilites, but esignal costs more.

    IQFeed requires windows. Not sure about eSignal, but they offer a trial and will answer questions via a real time chat.