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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by nealvan, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Hey can someone help me find a commodities broker. I'm not looking for an ecn because I like nice charts. Are their any Metatrader 4 commodities brokers. Metals and Crude are a must. It would also be nice to trade the grains. I trade forex right now with GTF. They have Dealbook 360 as a platform but no commodities only currency pairs. All comments welcome. Thanks Trader Neal!
  2. Neal,

    GFT just recently started offering futures trading.

    gftfutures.com (I think) is the website.
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    That would be a surprise to me. That's who I already use but I never keep up with current events. I don't see them available from dealbook 360 but I'll check the homepage just to be sure.. I heard they were offering Metatrader coming soon but I didn't hear anything about commodities.

    Anyone else have any other suggestions??
  4. http://www.gftfutures.com/
  5. nealvan


    Hey thanks for the link. I'm still going over the website to see if it's compatible for what I'm going to do. That was the right url.

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    if nice chart is top criteria then any broker that offers data feed for ninja chart will do.
  7. No problem. I like the fact they have a 24 hr desk and no extra charge for phone orders....just in case.
  8. I like everything about Ninja except the fact that if Ninja disconnects for whatever reason none of your orders will be entered...

    Unless they have somehow fixed this recently...

    For swing trading that could get ugly if you're not at your computer watching your connection all day. lol

    Ninja is sharp though, but that liability pretty much rules them out for me unfortunately. I LOVE the analytics and metrics they offer.
  9. nealvan


    I set up a demo with GFT for futures. Ben with technical support set it up for me. I haven't been able to log off my current session because forex trading has been very heavy the last few days. I'm going to do the demo for 30 days and then set up a real account. I mainly just want to test out my strategies before going over to live trading. Dealbook is pretty awesome too. I like the fact you can set up a workspace with different tabs. That's a big advantage over metatrader..
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    Let the gallery know how using a Forex broker to trade commodities works out for you.
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