Looking for Co-Manger/Advisor fro hedge fund

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cgjung, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. cgjung


    Looking for someone to co- advise or co-manage a hedge fund, I'm looking to hook up with someone who maybe able to share in the duties in one of my funds. I'm busy travelling meeting clients to effectively manage the assets. Person must be offshore outside of Canada and the U.S.

    Don't reply unless you have a clean history and you will not
    be managing millions of dollars. Trust must be established first.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Aaron


    What leads you to require the person be outside the US and Canada? I know of offshore funds managed by US residents and I'm not aware of any regulatory or tax disadvantages.
  3. nitro



  4. Tons of "offshore funds" are managed from inside the US.
    You should check the relevant tax laws.:)
  5. nitro



    I was thinking from the perpective of the individual.

  6. cgjung


    It would have to be outside the U.S due to tax issues levied on the manager. The fund itself would still run into the same problems if it does not have managment outside the U.S this is different then trading management.
  7. Altough I recognize your right to post what you want, I say all you want to do here is to fish for a prospective clients here. If you were looking for a competent person , why would it matter where he lives ? Have you ever heard of RELOCATION ?
  8. Vishnu


    if an outside/offshore manager is needed for administative purposes than any decent lawyer who specializes in hedge funds would hook you up. the fees are not that big, better than hiring someone full-time for it. Go to hedgefund.net and look it up.
  9. For some reason it just doesn't seem prudent to find a money manager on a website ...
  10. Dude, you will have no such luck finding potential managers here. We all manage accounts of $10 Billion or more. It is not worth the time for a few more million. That amount is small potatoes to big shots like us. No, wait a second, I suppose I could take on a few more million, just as a favor to you. I will have to get the bank account number from my friend. This could take awhile as the bank is located in Nigeria.
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