looking for clearing firm to clear remote eurex trader

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by user2, Mar 31, 2004.

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    looking for info on chicago clearing firms with great 24 hour tech support for remote futures trader
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    Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co.
    I would look at Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Company who are located in the Chicago Board of Trade Building.

    Advanced Futures is a division of Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co.

    Their back office and technical support are tops!


    CHICAGO (Headquarters)
    Chicago Board of Trade Building
    141 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1701-A
    Chicago, Illinois 60604
    Phone: 312.356.6000
    Fax: 312.922.7143
    Email: trade@ghco.com
  4. Transact Futures

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    We offer Eurex, CME, CBOT and Eurex US all for the same price.
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    CBOT to Launch Bund, Bobl and Schatz Futures on April 23
    CHICAGO, IL April 6, 2004 — The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) announced today that it will launch Bund, Bobl and Schatz futures on April 23, 2004, with seven firms serving as market makers within the CBOT German debt complex.
    The cash settlement process for the CBOT’s German debt futures contracts is a procedure that provides more efficient convergence between the futures and underlying cash market at expiration than any other futures product on German debt. Settlement at expiration will be based on activity in the contracts’ underlying cash markets, rather than price activity in futures. This new procedure puts the prices of CBOT German futures contracts more in line with the cash market at expiration.
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    I am looking for a Eurex and CBOT clearer in the US. Looking for 45 euro cents a side including exchange fees for Eurex or better, TT Xtrader over VPN, no monthly minimum. Any suggestions?
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    How many lots do you trade in a month? You want .45 euros includng exchange fees is that correct?
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    Yes, is it possible?
  9. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    How many lots do you trade a month?
  10. just21


    I intend trading ratio spreads and expect to do up to 10,000 depending how the market is.
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