Looking for clearing broker for Introducing Broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by xaup, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. xaup


    Hello all,

    We're an introducing broker from Europe currently looking to change our main clearing US broker. There is a lot information around regarding brokers for personal accounts etc. But we need reliable institutional service and this makes a big difference because I found difficult to find sufficient info and unbiased opinions about alternatives for insitutional accounts.

    What we need is:
    -a well known, established, reliable and responsible broker. This is a must
    -strong support
    -quite low fees
    -quite wide range of services/instruments/exchanges. We need not only stocks, but range of futures, options. Access to core foreign exchanges even better
    -trading software for us and our clients of cause
    -we want to open Introducing Broker account, therefore we need handy account management tools, particularly for sub-account creation/management

    What we do not need:
    -please do not suggest small/marginal/"black horses" firms
    -the most popular on this board firm was but apparently won't be our choice anymore

    Thank you for your opinions and suggestions. Fell free to send me private messages if you find this more suitable.