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  1. Any suggestions ?
  2. I don't use one myself but I do know someone who does.

    Commercial Network Services

    This fellow uses the el-cheapo plan for $30/month for MT4 hosting.

    I don't know if it's the cheapest around but they cater specifically to traders.
  3. Yeah. Are you dump?


    VPS for Trading = VPS handling money.

    Handling Money != need for cheapest solution ever.

    That simple. I dont say "pay ridiculous prices", but I really question the thinking behind trying to get the cheapest possible solution without any regards for quality fo a system that is supposedly handling real money.
  4. Depends on what "cheap" means. A new decent computer (box only, no monitor) still costs over a grand, plus it's obsolete in 2 years anyway. That's $50/month plus all the maintenance and fussing one has to do with their own computer.

    With a VPS someone else is handling the drudgery of OS updates, etc. Plus you get to pick network latency based on your broker's location. At your own house you get the latency your ISP provides to your broker.
  5. Yeah, but he was looking for the CHEAPEST vps - not a "good decent priced one", but "the cheapest one".

    I dont argue the sense of a VPS - I use VPS on all my servers exclusively. But going for the cheapest one is not smart for a system that is time sensitive and handles real money.
  6. cstfx


    Or is it "Are you dumb?"

    Kinda ironic, isn't it?

  7. I would first TEST it out with a simulator, am I still dump ?
  8. Given that you dont even specify what you need as VPS - yes. How much memory do you need? What processor speed allocation? The trick to make a cheaper VPS is.... less memory. So.... the cheapest VPS is possibly useless for you (as it will mostly be usable for Linux / no user interface - perfectly fine to run, for example, a DNS server on it).

    Plus, what do you need on IO (big cost factor - possibly not a lot), what on uptime? Most cheaper VPS solutions I have seen are pretty stupid from the setup - a computer, hardware RAID on normal end user discs. Cheap, slow, plus downtime.

    Better solutions get you restarted on anotehr computer within a second after the old fails, as the discs are on a central SAN - but that costs a little more money.

    Your question is "what is the cheapest car I can get" without saying it has to even be street legal ;)

  9. Especially for traders, thanks !

    Do you connect to such a VPS through a secure tunnel ?

  10. I realize that, will check out myself if the card is street legal...:)
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