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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by frostengine, May 29, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for charting software that #1 works with interactive broker's datafeed. And #2 allows for customizable plugins. For example if I have a custom indicator and I want it to be placed on the chart that I could write a plugin in say C++ to do that.... or even some sort of built in scripting language.. does not really matter HOW the plugins are made.. as long as its possible....

    Does anyone know of any charting software capable of doing this? Is medved quotes capable of doing this?

  2. Frostengine,

    QuoteTracker does not allow for user built external plugins to control the charts, indicators, etc. Not 100% sure of the others, but I think AmiBroker has that capability.
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    #1) Sierrachart, http://sierrachart.com/data.html/
    #2) Sierrachart, http://sierrachart.com/doc_CreatingDLLs.html
  4. I think almost all well known 3rd party platforms work with IB data.

    Just try them out one by one, and pick the one you find fit - thats very important, especially if you trade discretionarily.