Looking for Capital to trade.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Terminus, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Terminus


    I am currently a profitable trader.

    I am looking to expand my trading into the area of arbitrage.

    I have an executable stratagey and currently looking for an individual to fund on a small level.

    The strategy is fully scalable.

    I am also willing to put up some risk capital.

  2. arb in the north american markets?

  3. Terminus


    Who said it was in the North American Markets?

  4. no one, its a question. note the ??

    what's your edge?

  5. Surdo


  6. Terminus


    No im not into real estate, but I do have a great view on the 73rd floor.

    And thanks for the comment on the logo it's my family crest.
  7. Do you have any Grey Poupon? People with crests have rich kin. Blow through your immediate family?
  8. Terminus


    Family Crest = Family wealth

    I am not sure how you came to that conclusion, but thanks for you input.
  9. Right, I thought I was clear. Family wealth is where one should look for a stake when looking for capital with no verifiable track record. You state you're looking to expand into arbitrage, so I assume you've limited experience in the stated field. You're profitable in arbitrage with actual dollars at risk?
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