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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bob2007, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. bob2007


    I currently use RBC's action direct with around 30 bucks a trade.
    I'm an intermediate term trader, 3-6 month holds. Looking to transition into swing trades, I'm still in school so I can't be lookin to daytrade yet, plus i don't have the necessary 25k.

    I've checkedout companies such as

    IB (not of age yet, need to be 21).

    Questrade looks good, but monthly fees, need 20 trades a month to get it for free.

    Any other ones that you guys know of?.
  2. well theres ameritrade canada which has 10.99 trades, and theres etrade at 26.99. Tdwaterhouse at 29$, , another option you might not know you can open an account with an american brokerage like tdwaterhouse US. Or fidility US, scottrade US. You can trades on the cheap. like 9.99. You dont have to worry about the tax implicatons, because under the US/canadian tax treaty you are taxed in Canada while having an american brokerage.

  3. Chagi


    Just so you know, most Canadian brokerages that I'm aware of do not enforce pattern day trading restrictions, I believe that Questrade for example specifically states on their website that they do no. The exception to this is IB Canada, they do enforce it.
  4. bob2007


    I guess i'll check out ameritrade, and perhaps some of the US ones, but i recall trying some of them and it didn't let me join.

    wow, i am intrigued. it's amazing what i learn here.

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