Looking for Broker Recomendations from Traders

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  1. I feel bad about asking this question in a forum sponsored by AMP but here goes.

    I would like some 1st hand recommendations for Brokers that:

    1. Do Futures contracts
    2. Offer discounted rates
    3. Offer great margins, not only for US products but for EUREX products.
    4. Have great commission rates that are negotiable with volume over time.
    5. That interact with MultiCharts and potentially Ninja Trader in the future.
    6. That have friendly and accessible customer service.
    7. Utilize CQG data
    8. And preferably are located in the United States.

    I am familiar with a great number of firms already but specifically there is no need to include or mention AMP, Discount Trading or RCG. Please no personal attacks or slams I am just looking for honest recommendations.
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Responses for our futures offering
    #1 YES.
    #2 YES.
    #3 Not as low as others.
    #4 Subjective, but yes.
    #5. MultiCharts-Not sure, NT, they do not let us.
    #6. My wife says I'm awesome.
    #7 We offer CQG
    #8 Offices in NYC and Chicago.
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  3. MattZ

    MattZ Sponsor

    We are familiar with Multicharts really well, and also with CQG API.
    Our tech support can walk you through a complete walkthrough how to connect CQG, and help you with execution guides.

    CQG has the ability to connect to multiple devices, and we can help you with that as well.

    You are more than welcome to call me directly while shopping around for the right match.
    Please feel free to Google us to read about our reviews.

    My wife does not say I am awesome, she says I work too much.
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  4. What is your account size?
  5. There is a group of us. Accounts range from $2,500 to 100,000.
  6. wrbtrader


    Love the replies by MattZ and Robert Morse :D

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  7. MattZ

    MattZ Sponsor

    We have a number of FCMs that works with small accounts and have low day trading margins, and larger FCMs to facilitate the larger traders. But, all could be on the same software of choice if it's a 3rd party software.
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  8. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Our min is $10,000 on CQG.
  9. pstrusi


    I think Interactive-Brokers might work for you, at least you should have it in the evaluation list.
  10. I've heard they don't interface with MultiCharts.
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