Looking for Books with Interviews of Successful Traders

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    I got it from the MTA's (Market Technician's Association) lending library. Just get a affiliate membership and you get access to their library of books, video tapes, and audio tapes. I got lots of ideas from one trader that talked about how he had winning daytrade runs of 25 - 30 trades in a row.

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    I actually purchased the book about a month and a half ago from a used bookstore online. Copies are out there, I believe. I liked the book a lot, btw.
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  3. I have been searching everywhere for a copy of this book.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone had any info on how I could get a copy of the book.

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  4. prox


    What Works in Online Trading by Etzkorn
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  5. if it's interviews with traders you're after, you could check out

    'Electronic Trading Masters' - Alan Baird


    'The New Electronic Traders' - Jonathon Aspatore

    but be warned that unless you are a total, absolute beginner, looking for a touch of inspiration, these books are pretty much worthles.

    or if you're a nostalgia buff looking to relive the magic of the bubble years... (these guys talk about capturing points on a scalp -- brings a tear to my eye..)

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  6. ROFL!!
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    Bulls Bears and Millionaires
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    I have this book too. It's not particularly well written but has some good stories from some of the better known traders about their worse trading losses. So that's interesting. People like Mark Cook, Linda Bradford Raschke, Larry McMillan, etc. Interestingly enough, these three all had their biggest losses on the same company but traded it in different ways.
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