Looking for Books with Interviews of Successful Traders

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking to add to my books of interviews of successful traders.

    I already have the three Wizard books by Schwager (which I enjoy very much).

    I also have "The Best" by Marder, and the Electronic Day Trader Secrets by Friedfertig.

    Any others out there that you can recommend?


    -- ITZ
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    Not really an interview book.. but you shouldn't miss out the great: Jesse Livermore books. .. Reminiscence of a stock operator, etc - - - a must have
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    Skip all those "electronic" day-trading BS - - and "How to make 1million with 10k sort of books..... not worth your time.
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    Koppel has some great books chock full with interviews of highly successful traders on and off the floor...

    Intuitive Trader and Tao of Trading are great...

    I also heard that his 'Bulls, Bears and Millionares' is solid...
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  6. While not geared exclusively towards short term trading, I enjoyed "The New Money Masters" by John Train.

    George Soros, Jim Rogers, Peter Lynch, and a number of other interesting characters are profiled in this book.
  7. Of the autobiography's I have enjoyed, the ones I like most are:

    + Reminiscenses of a Stock Operator

    + Charlie D

    + Pit Bull by Marty Schwartz.

    Good books, but not as focused on trading discussion as are the Market Wizard books.

    I'm still looking for other trading oriented interview books, so if you know of any, please let me know.


    -- ITZ
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    Market Wizards was boilerplated from Kevin Koy's "The Big Hitters"..... definitely worth reading.
  9. The Big Hitters book looks good. Thanks for posting.

    Does anyone know where I can buy or borrow a copy of this book?

    I've searched the new and used online bookstores for this book and came up empty. My local library also doesn't carry it either.


  10. TradersPress.com is

    When Supertraders Meet Kryptonite... (interviews with trading legends)
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