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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tinpot, Oct 17, 2005.

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    This is my first post here so please go easy on me, I'm playing poker for a living and posts like these rarely get great responses at my favorite poker forum. Also English is my 2nd language. If this is not the appropriate forum, moderators please move the thread. I couldn't find a "Beginner" section.

    I met someone this weekend that claims he can make a living with spread trading. So I did some searching today and found this forum, although feeling lost with all the different categories and threads I read through many of the thread, and realised that this looks like something that I would like to give a try. Especially liked the thread comparing trading to poker, it seems the two are similar in way and I hope that will give me a head start.

    So I am looking for a beginner FAQ on trading, something like that. Just where do I start in this big world of trading? I realise it's not easy, probably just like with poker only few people will be successful. Where do I start my studies, get the basics of money management for trading, do I need special software, any books you can recommend. Or a list of favorite threads on these subjects? I understand the basics of stocks and markets etc and know some basic technical and fundamental indicators and have a stock portfolio.

    I'm looking to get into small trades as soon as possible, even just to get a feel for trading. Something like playing the 0.25c/0.50c poker tables? Not worried about profitability or losing a little capital starting out. Any recommendations on markets? My preferred time for trades is 11:00 - 18:00 USA time.

    I'll appreciate anything anyone can share that will help me out.

    Thank you.
  2. Happy99


    I'd recommend Van Tharp at www.iitm.com he's great for finding the best trading system for yourself, money management and psychoogical blocks.

    Some of the best traders are great at cards, so it sounds like your going in a good direction.
  3. tinpot

    I am a fairly avid 15/30, 30/60 & no limit holdem player.

    I have been a full time trader for many years. I started trading stocks, then options, then options and futures.

    Where do you play? What games do you play?
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    I only play NL and PL and a few tourneys. Mostly at a small South African site. And some 400s 6max at Party.
  5. investopedia.com
  6. Thanks Happy99 I had heard of Van Tharp many times but didn't know about his website. I too am new to day trading with some short term trading experience.

    My biggest tip, if you don't aleady know, stay away from seminars for $3000 and more, especially when starting out. Most are hype, luckily I did my research and didn't any of their products. Even if they work it will take you along time to get back your expenses.Try to find products and services that offer a free trial or money back gurantee.

    Be honest with yourself and determine what type of person you are and then find a market that fits you or adapt to that market. I am trying to do that now with e mini Russ and having some challenges honestly. I may decide to focus on bond trading instead.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm still fairly lost though :)

    Just where do I start?
  8. vguy


    You may start with the book -

    A Beginner's Guide to Short-Term Trading - Toni Turner.

    I started with this book. This one is good for beginners and novices.