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  1. Hello,

    I am searching for a position that will train me to trade, preferably in options, futures, future options, or commodities. I recently graduated from Penn State with a major in Finance, and I have had two summer internships at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in both on-floor and off-floor roles.

    I have applied to many firms, mostly options market making firms, and mostly in NYC, Chicago, and Philadelphia. I currently live in the Philly area, but I am willing to relocate to anywhere for an opportunity to train as a trader. I would be willing to take any position on or off floor, as long as the opportunity will help me learn to trade.

    As I have recently graduated from school, I have very little money, so firms that require capital contributions or do not pay some sort of salary during the training period (i.e. most day trading firms) are not an option. I would need some sort of income to support myself while I learn the most I can.

    Browsing these forums has given me many successful leads and ideas that have led to several interviews, but I am still doing my best to search for anything I can find.

    I know how the trading world works - in that when you're starting off, you have to have a true desire to want and learn how to trade successfully, you have to take what you can get, and you have to be willing to do anything and everything necessary to further your trading goal. I'm very numbers oriented and I have high quantitative abilities, really want to learn how to trade, and think this will ultimately help me find what I am looking for.

    Sorry for such a long post - just wanted to differentiate myself from a lot of the uninformed you see on these boards. If you could point me in the right direction, and perhaps give me ideas on who to contact or apply to in the options, futures, or commodities trading fields, or any trading field at all, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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  5. nbates, Were you making a specific suggestion with this post?

    I agree with your statement, as this board has helped secure me several interviews, but perhaps you have some ideas on other firms / places to look? If so, thank you for your help and your time.
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    this is from realmoney.com...

    Jim Cramer is looking for help:

    Random musings: If you love following stocks as much as I do and want to help me help people make money, you're someone I need. I'm looking for an experienced research assistant based in the New York metro area to help me out. (CFAs welcome.) Please send your resumé and cover letter to resasst@gmail.com.

    Good luck!