Looking for an online trading game from a few years ago

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ezl, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. ezl


    A few years ago, I played an online game that was intended to simulate what it was like to be a trader. I think the game was produced by Barclay's.

    It wasn't a game that simulated trading so much as a game that simulated what it felt like to have 1000 different things pulling at you at the same time.

    From what I remember, it had circles of varying size on the screen, shrinking and expanding randomly, at different rates. Each one represented a stock, ticking up and ticking down. you could click on a stock/circle to toggle through buying/selling that asset. a number in the circle would tell you what your current "P&L" was for that stock.

    additionally, at random times, a screen would pop up on the side forcing you to answer a simple math question before returning to the game. there would be other as well to simulate the various distractions that you have to filter out and deal with throughout the course of a trading day.

    does anyone remember this game / does anyone have a link to it?