Looking for an internship this summer...

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  1. I will have above a 3.0 from an Ivy League comparable school. Would be willing to work 8 weeks with minimum wage or above, provided lots of experience is gained. I would prefer to work with derivatives. Location is not a problem. Please feel free to PM me with details. I would be willing to sign NDAs.

    P.S. In the interest of integrity, I cannot go to work for your firm for several years.
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    Are you looking for an internship at an off-Wall Street pro firm, or a bulge-bracket firm like GS, MWD, LEH, MER etc. etc?
  3. A fair question...

    I worked for MLCO in their Private Client division this past summer, for five weeks. I did this without pay, 50 hrs+/week, just for the experience. Sucker job maybe, but I made some good contacts. Even more important though, I determined that I do not like the Risk Management controls a PC division places upon its employees.

    So, without being more verbose, I would prefer an internship at SUSQ, SLK-Hull (although I suppose in all reality this would be GSCO), Wolverine, or one of the other options houses. I like the idea of being on the floor or a fast-paced trading environment. However, a BB firm is not required, and I would relish the opportunity to learn from a great trader at a prop firm.
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    Interesting to read about your MLCO experience. How did you get the position without pay? Was this through your own initiative (cold calling for example)?

    Or did you apply through the "normal" route, and then when not offered a paid position, offer to work for nothing? I'd be interested to hear.

  5. I had a couple of weeks off this previous summer and was looking to gain some experience. I know some guys at MLCO that are USMA alumni. So, I called a guy I know that is a VP and told him I was interested in working for Merrill. He said that it would not be a problem and asked what kind of position I was looking for. I told him all I was concerned about was getting some experience and that pay was secondary. So, I got a position in the Atlanta-Buckhead PC office, working without pay.

    Having said that, I am realistic and know that it would have been presumptuous of me to ask for money for a 5-week internship. To me, getting the opportunity to work there was payment enough. I need to pay my dues. Also, I realize that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. I do not have a problem with working my way up through the ranks.