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  1. I'm currently with TD-Globe Investor, their software is so poor, it's not even funny. Crashes all the time and with false data (like a flat line on Nasdaq during the day), and they charges me $35.

    I just try Yahoo Finance real time chart, and its service is even worse.

    I don't day trade so all I need is the graph, but the graphs has to offer:
    1 day
    2 days
    also prefer 3 days
    5 days
    1 mth.,
    Year To Date
    1 Year, 2 Year

    And with Volume+ (long vol. vs. short vol. per min) at the bottom.

    Prefer if the above charts function covers commodities as well (delay quote is fine), as right now, I just capture the daily graph of crude at ino.com, but their graph is tiny, like an eye exam.

    I am getting the above, as I say from TD Globe investor, but they are just poor service co.
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  3. the graphs size is too small, I like 1600 x 1200. Someone said Interactive broker is not bad, any 2nd opinion?
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    Ib with quote tracker is a good config. The charts in IB TWS are ok but cant compare with QT.

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  6. Sorry, what's QT?
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  8. www.prorealtime.com
    I think it is a good charting software. Free for end of day data.
    You can create your own indicator, do backtesting, and other stuff.
  9. I have recently switch to 2 monitors, and have noticed a new feature that I didn't have w/ 1 monitor.:

    With my current software, once I click Launch button, the pop up graph can Expand to the max. size of my resolution.

    W/ 2 monitors, my max. resolution is now 3200x1200. And this software can allow me to expand to this size.

    Some service, like yahoo finance real time quote, is a fix size screen, so you can't expand the resolution.

    Between QuoteTracker and ProRealtime, does either one of these software allow you to expand the graph to the max. res. of your monitors?

    Because as you all know, if I am looking at a 1 yr. graph, the wider the graph the better.

    I also check w/ Interactive Broker, they have the above feature, but you have to have an acct. w/ them to use their graph.
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