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    Hi all. Being a poisition/swing trader, I don't need an expensive data platform with level II and all the bells and whistles.

    What I am looking for is an inexpensive platform with live charts and quotes.

    I looked at Realtick, and their lowest cost platform was over $100 a month.

    Can anyone suggest a cheaper data feed with live charts?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.
  2. carlp -

    Quote.com has two offerings - LiveCharts which is about $30/month I think, but it's REALLY basic and as I recall limited to only one chart at a time.

    They also have QCharts which is $79/month and worth the differential.
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  4. Carlp

    If you dont need futures check out Quicken Charts. For about 25 bucks you get some really nice charts. I think for 25 you get 5 minute bars minimum but you shouldnt need more than that for swings.
  5. Somehow I really don't think it is free.
  6. BullFigher, somehow I really think it IS free. I know - I designed it. It can be used for free. All functionality is enabled and there are no time limits. The paid registration is only if you want to get rid of the ads.

    Jerry Medved
    2GK, Inc.
  7. QuoteTracker should do it unless you need multi day intraday data , otherwise QQL is the best value and beautiful program, also see Qcharts, Nextrend ( which I've used but don't like), also check out alphatrade( or something like that)
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  9. I've been using Quicken Quotes Live. I think it gives a good price/value. I like the software. However, I'll have to cancell it soon, because they don't have any plan to include future quotes.

    If interested, go to Google and search for Quicken.com + quote live

    Cheers! :)
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    http:\\qql.quicken.com is the way to go. Good value for money if you are not looking into futures. When using QQL, i used QQQ to replace the NQ... not the best option but you can save an additional $10 from eminis exchange fees.

    IMO, QQL is an excellent package for swing trader. You can sign up for a 1 month trial, i think ;)
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