Looking for an equities prop deal - please quote

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  1. Hi, I tried this once before, but I think the title to my thread must not have been obvious enough since I didn't even get one quote, which i thought kind of odd...

    I'm looking for quotes from firms who offer STERLING as a platform, for a trader who does between 50k-80k average daily volume. I am interested in trading remote, but would be more than happy to check out the office, wherever it may be. I have current series7 if necessary.

    Please also include name of clearing firm, data feeds available through Sterling, and if the API is available, and if you are a profit split firm, what kind of split arrangements you have.

    Thanks a lot!
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    you're probably get the same results to this query as well. No One is going to share with you their negotiated rates. This is probably a more guarded secret than one's "system".
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    I just wrote that in an other Thread..........

    12-15-08 10:18 PM

    What I can say is; The firms I talked to recently think of changing from Sterling to Laser.... because Sterling was excellent before but grew up too fast.... many peoples have problemsss with it....

    I'm not in the USA , but I did negociate with Cygroup and JC Trading and with those firms you have the choices between Laser or Sterling. I am new in Prop firm.... so, I'll say what people offer me the last two weeks in Canada or USA.... with no experience in trading Prop only retail. I experiment the demo of Sterling.... not much chart possibilities but still anought.... same for Laser....

    They offer: between 60-75% payout, some of them pay 30% of the Sterling fees if you make money (so they do), they give you the rebate, Canada= 0.0002 a share USA= 0.00035 or less but sometime give you more rebate.... Canada pay you once a month and USA, some pay you as often as you want.... minimum 2000$ in Canada and 5000$ Usa........... but you have to be very carrefull of where they put your money.... and being able to get it back when ever you want... if you did not loose it!!!

    This is about two firms in Quebec, Can and two firms in Usa.... it does not mean it represent the market but still a good idea....

    And it is better than no response at all.... I know I'm a newb but...

    I hope it make sense; I'm so better in french!!!!!!