Looking for an Elite Trader type forum for FX trading

Discussion in 'Forex' started by wdbaker, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. wdbaker


    Does anyone know of a forum that is even remotely as comprehensive and constantly posted to as Elite Trader for the FX Markets. I originally stumbled on to ET by accident and don't want to wait that long again to find a good thing if there is one out there. Yes I ran a search but the forums I looked at were dead in comparison to ET.

    Any Ideas
  2. lundy


    I've already looked. It would be better to get a forex forum happening here on Elite.

    www.global-view.com has a very active forex forum, but the layout isn't very intuitive.

    above not intended as an advertisement and I have no affiliation.
  3. lundy


    I just started a forex channel on irc.financialchat.com

    its free to join the room!

    go to http://www.financialchat.com to join

    once u log in to financial chat type /join #forex

    i'm the only one in there right now, but i'm sure lots of people will be interested.
  4. wdbaker


    I'll be hanging with lundy hopefully we can get a group going there. Lest you think wrongly, not leaving ET, can't beat this place. Hope to bring back some fx guys to ET to get an FX forum going.

  5. ZBEAR


    Count me in !

    Maybe we can get BARON interested ???

    We have "Futures" and "Options" Forums, why not "FX" ?
  6. Moneytec.com also has some forex forums, but I would be interested in a fx forum at Elite.
  7. lundy


    i checked out moneytec's forums, but they aren't updated too often.
  8. ZBEAR


  9. chaos


    I've done a lot of searching around the net for fx forums and the best I've found is hosted by Oanda.

    Go to:


    There are some experienced traders there who will answer your questions directly, and I've also benefited from browsing through old threads.

    But I agree it would be great to have an fx forum here at Elite Trader.
  10. lundy


    it seems to me the most active forex board is over at global-view.

    Hundreds of posts a day.

    However, the interface is so counterintuitive, i don't like it.

    Baron, we could really use a permanent forex forum here!!!

    Hate too go elsewhere.
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