Looking for an Edge !

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  1. Bigstuff


    I'm looking for an edge…

    It must have few indicators or variants

    It must work on all counters/stocks bonds , indices , currencies , commodities etc.

    It must not need any backtesting . . . All past potential trades should be clearly visible.

    It must eliminate lag in moving averages

    It should be able to withstand stress-tests

    Technical analysis should be mathematically verified.

    It must be able to scalp , day/swing trade and pick long term tops and bottoms

    It must not die on me.
  2. You forgot to mention it needs to return 20% per day minimum.

    Jokes aside, don't think you will get many responses. Let me just give some quick thoughts:

    These statements confused me. You might mean that you want the edge to depend on price only?

    Do you mean you are only going to be forward testing? As it's not a disadvantage if something can be backtested...

    The last sentence I cited makes no kind of sense what so ever.
  3. Turveyd


    Why don't you just ask for 10Billion sent to your account, that's a pretty big and impressive list, I think we wish we all just part of that.
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  4. wartrace


    Go out and find it! :D
  5. Turveyd


    Then tell us, cause can't really ask and expect us to share if you don't later share it with us.

    Not that anyone will listen ofcourse!
  6. wartrace


    I'm looking to buy a Unicorn; where can I find one? :D

    When a guy says "It must eliminate lag in moving averages" he doesn't have a clue.
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  7. newwurldmn


    I’m looking for a unicorn but only in a particular shade of white.
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  8. wartrace


    The O.P. is looking for someone to hand him an "edge" with parameters that are impossible. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask but he really needs to do his own work and find out what works for him.
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  9. fan27


    I have an edge which meets those requirements but it requires substantial screen time. I am willing to enroll you in my training course which so happens to have only one spot left. Here is what you will need to do.

    1. Each day you will watch real time charts from open to close and I will give you key things to focus on.

    2. This part is key...you need to provide a live feed of you watching the market so I can study your technique and offer feedback (and also so I can make sure you are not slacking off).

    3. This is the most important part...each week I need to receive $500 payment from you for services rendered.

    After six months, it will become very clear to you how to pull at least 5% from the market daily. If you don't want this deal, clearly you are not serious and are wasting our time.
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