looking for an assistant trader ATLANTA

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  1. experienced trader looking for an asst to assist with trading. can provide capital and clearing intro to trade your own account along side of mine.

    looking for another set of eyes, ears, ideas that at least should help me reduce slippage costs. i have nearly 15 yrs of trading experience.

    compensation open........ pm me.
  2. you are gonna get a million pm's! You should give more info, you trade stocks? futures? options? Also what kind of experience you are looking for the assistant to have

    just my 2 cents
  3. good point...... 90% equities 10% options....

    i figured the list would be short in atlanta.

    someone who has trading experience with a prop shop/other that has been marginally profitable but not been able to make a living would probably be a good fit. a newbie with basic market understanding looking to get into the business or a stepping stone would work also.
  4. Just as likely: "looking for e-mails/contact info of trader wannabes so I can make up a free email list for a future trading marketing venture without having to pay for it, and without ET catching on.

    And will trade your money too!

    Must be pretty desperate to send your personal info to an anonymous unknown, who posts little infor him/herself.... 2 whole posts. Definitely trustworthy.
  6. Why don't you chill out, maybe he is legit, did you ever think that is a possibility you ASSWIPE?
  7. Well I'd be floored if 20% of the people who will answer are actually in Georgia! Especially during those winter months: many of us folks living up north...!
  8. Neither did you post anything credentialing yourself, having only a couple of posts. Not to mention the barrage of spammers we get doing things like this in the past.

    So, in a world where every website and spam email is trying to capture emails to build a promotional list, you are basically precisely copying the methods of someone seeking the personal info of others. "Send me a PM for this business opportunity" is basically the same as "I don't plan to pay a sponsorship fee here and you have no idea who I am or whether I am credible, so why don't you contact me and..."
  9. if u choose not to respond, fine. are u a mod ? otherwise, STFU.
    i'm not wasting your time, don't waste mine.

    i gladly share my contact info with anybody that contacts me. otherwise, if your concerned about divulging some sort of secret data by inquiring...don't.
  10. Just ignore the 5,000 Post TROLL!
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