Looking for an Alternative to Street Smart

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gagetfreaky, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. So I have been using Schwab's Streetsmart for years. I know this is very old technology, but I am very comfortable with many aspects such has the position screen and their option trading screen as well as their charts.

    It allows me to find info I need very quickly and enter orders efficiently without a lot of crazy load times or problems.

    I know the software is very old and has other problems but these are features I like.

    However, Schwab commissions for trades are crazy and I would much rather be trading through IB. However, I can't stand the IB java platform. It's slow and awful.

    So I am wondering, what is the platform out there that is closest to streetsmart (the old cybertrader), in terms of layout and functionality. While I don't want to rule out a java based program, I'd rather something that's a little more "Solid".

    I trade options and currecnies mostly with some ETFs thrown in. Primarily through IB and Schwab. Eventually, I'd like to move all my active trading out of Schwab into IB but I need a platform that is not so off putting.

    I use various studies and so charts are important as well.

    Does anyone have any advice/suggestions on a tradign platform to use that is "streetsmart/cybertrader" like and ideally not java based.
  2. I love CyberTrader. Until Schwab bought them out and turned their software into crap.

    I use RealTick for my trading now. It is non-java base. One needs to download the platform and run the app locally. Fast, robust. The drawback is the platform fee is expensive unless you have enough trading volume to waive the fee. Multiple brokers offer RealTick. I use MasterTrader.com now and I used to use TerraNova (tnfg.com) for RealTick.