Looking for all round broker with good leverage

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  1. Hi All,

    I am currently using FXPro and mainly trade the following instruments:

    ES Futures
    CL Futures

    I like FX Pro because it has 1:500 leverage and for futures the overnight margin is as low as the day trade margin.

    However the bad thing about this broker is that it has a high commission for futures ($15 per round trip and i cant execute trades during high volatility as it keeps reqouting)

    So I am looking for a broker that will allow me to trade these instruments with good execution.

    As for leverage, I would need 1:100 as a minimum.

    Thanks for your inputs.
  2. AK100


    With that sort of leverage it won't take long for your money to be subtly transfered to the broker.

    Be smart, use 20:1 max and you've got a real chance.
  3. Well, having a 1:100 leverage means I have to option to go that high if I want. I generally control the leverage using position sizing based on my account equity.

    Ultimate decision of how much leverage to use is on the trader.
  4. Haley12


    Try AVAFX forex broker. It might be match with your requirements.
  5. The only real broker around in the spot world is www.lmaxtrader.co.uk, all the rest are marketmakers who will try to put your money in their pocket
  6. Do you know any good broker who is allowing to trade on currenex..?

    I am looking to deposit $20-25K..

    Please advise.. looking for good broker, with excellent market depth, good liquidity