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  1. I go to a solid Canadian university and am in one of the better business programs in the country. The co-op program starts in your second year and there are some nice jobs. My GPA is 3.92 and good jobs go to students with solid marks. I have a year of trading experience but there are not really any trading jobs available. I would like to be an independent trader one day.
    My question is this - should I try to get a job at a major bank - probably starting out first co-op term doing equity research for a bank or a place like Gluskin Sheff. This would give me quality finance experience and might help me break into some type of trading job later on. Or get an accounting job at Deloitte, KPMG, E & Y, or PwC - getting a job like this would free up more time during school for trading because I wouldn't have to put up very high marks because all of the co-op terms would be with the same firm and its the whole "once you're in - you're in" type deal. What job would I like better? The equity research job - however, I think my chances of becoming a trader are increased greatly by being able to focus more on trading instead of on posting top-notch grades during school. Would working at a major bank teach me anything about actual trading - or would I probably find my way into sales and trading departments? I would not want this because I don't think it would help my trading development. Also, if I go the accounting route and get the CA designation but end up hating the job and my trading hasn't improved that much by then - I could always go get an MBA and transition to finance that way.
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    Take a year off and go to Europe and Asia, see the world and enjoy life.

    Your question will answer itself on the journey.

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    First of all I don't have your education but if I were you I would look into the equity research first but be careful about jumping in with both feet. If you can find somewhere good it might be the best route... Accounting might not be what you want to do but who am I to say.. If there's a good opportunity in what you want to do go for it.