Looking for advice from the best, I mean you all!

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  1. mpapxxi


    Hello everyone, I am a working mother of 2 little children in need of earning some extra income. I have come across remote trading as a "decent" option for a professional person looking for earning additional cash during spare time. I am totally unexperienced, but 100% willing to learn.

    Would you please recommend the best (cost-efficient-effective) way to start trading from home between 20:30-23:30 GMT. I mean, what markets and platforms would you recommend for someone like me to use to learn and eventually trade in. I will really appreciate your ever so kind advice.
  2. frozzor


    don't trade
    you will lose all your money
    thank me later
  3. My best advice would be the following

    1) Think twice before starting - this game is brutal indeed
    2) Start with demo account and DO NOT trade real money for at least 1 year or until you would be consistently profitable in paper trading
    3) Forget about doing it part-time. It's a full time job. At least analysis will take more then 2 hours a day.
    4) For your time FOREX and/or Futures are the most suitable options. Personally I do not recommend forex as it is MUCH less predictable thing as opposed to INDEX futures (DOW JONES, S&P futures)
    5) IGNORE NEWS and especially those presented on any financial TV

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    firstly you must know about the risks of forex market then ou can invest in forex market. but still don't go to directly real forex trading, just open a demo trading A/C and learn everything related to forex market.my broker avafx also have demo trading A/C facilities and you can use it also for that you should deposit nothing. avafx.com is a site of avafx.

    Best trading hours for trading in forex mrket. now you have to choose.
    * New York Market trade times: 8am - 4pm EST
    * London Market trade times: 2am - 12Noon EST
    * Great Britain Market trade times: 3am - 11am EST
    * Tokyo Market trade times: 8pm - 4am EST
    * Australia Market trade times: 7pm - 3am EST