Looking for advice from grain traders (hedgers)/merchants

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by jo0477, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Hey all, I've been trading physical Nat gas for an energy marketer for a few years but due to family reasons, I have relocated from Vancouver to the prairies.
    I am looking to transition into the ag industry in a similar role - hedging, optimizing inventories, operations.

    So if anyone is in a similar role as a grain trader and would care to offer some advice or just shed some light on the industry it would be greatly appreciated.

    PS sorry in advance if this should be under a different forum
  2. No, you're not on the wrong forum, but my question is. (Actually I'm just replying to get on the email list because it sounds like an interesting topic.)

    But now that I have your attention, off the record (I promise I won't hold you to it) what's your long term assesment of NG say over the next two or three years?
  3. jo0477


    Lol no worries, my 0.02 though is looking pretty weak for this yr. I'd be looking for big builds through the summer and prices to stay weak at least into next year. We're swimming in it but production should taper off and align with consumption. Chesapeake is hedged pretty heavily until around 2020 with a high of around 8.00 so is say higher in 3 yrs but a choppy ride. Maybe look at some calendar spreads to mitigate some volatility. (I'm a little behind on info right now admittedly so anyone can feel free to jump in)