Looking for active traders near Seattle

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by DEStocks, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. DEStocks


    Long-time active day trader looking to connect with other traders in the Seattle area. With any successful traders, I would love to share experiences or ideas with you. With any unsuccessful traders, I would love to troubleshoot with you in hopes of getting you over the hump. Truthfully just have a passion for this and would love to meet others who share the same passion.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Andersi


    I'm interested in meeting up in Seattle area. I was a heavy day trader in college. I'm now trading futures but still interested in meeting people with similar hobbies/ skills. Lets get a group together and meet up in a coffee shop/ or pub.

  3. DEStocks



    I vote for the pub idea.

    Are you trading futures actively by yourself?

  4. Andersi


    I'm trading paper futures yes. I just graduated college so don't have enough $ to pay for the margins. :eek:
  5. CJtrader2


    Hi, I too am looking to meet w fellow traders.
    I've traded full-time for 10+ years, options & futures, as a prop trader and registered.
    Recently relocated to the area.
    I'm 10miles W of Seattle, near Poulsbo & ferry.
    Any fellow serious traders interested?
  6. Fy585551


    Please include me in your group. I'm a new or trader and a unsuccessful paper Trader, who could use some mentoring or just a support group. Thanks