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    Hi All,
    I have some trading systems that I'd like to put on a 3rd party server (rather than run them from home). Can anyone recommend one that suits systems that trade in both Europe and US? A server based in Europe is preferable that allows multiple access (ie. I am not the only person wanting to monitor these systems) and that is designed with traders in mind (ie. does not go down during market hours, quick support, only weekend reboots etc).
    All recommendations greatly received.
  2. Not quite sure what you are trying to do. You want server-based auto-trading that feeds to a broker?

    If so (I don't use anything like that) but I believe StrategyRunner.com has something like that, but I don't know if they are the best choice. Others might have ideas.

    Or you want a server based package so you can send your signals to subscribers?
  3. 1and1.co.uk
  4. So far I have not found a powerful enough VPS that is stable enough for trading. So I use a dedicated server instead. I have one from sago networks, www.sagonet.com, but there are plenty of decent choices out there.
  5. I've been using ServInt for a very long time and can't say enough good things about their product lineup and support. They are based out of the US east coast.
  6. the US version of 1and1.com has somewhat anemic reviews for webhosting...
  7. I'm impressed if their VPS solutions are stable enough for trading, but their VPS servers are less powerful and $10 less than the dedicated server I'm renting.
  8. Their service is on par with Rackspace (where I was paying $450/mon) and had no performance issues.
  9. OK, I don't use one myself but I do know someone who does.

    Commercial Network Services

    This fellow uses the el-cheapo plan for $30/month for MT4 hosting.
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    Commercial Network Services looks just the ticket. Thanks for the info. Will give them a go

    BTW, is no one offering a similar service the UK?
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