Looking for a US Bond Trader - To Automate and Trade Together

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mpliner, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. mpliner



    I have a sound strategy to day-trade US 30 Year Bonds. The strategy is based on fading specific levels. It works and I make money daily. I am looking for a bond trader to help me automate the order executions and trade together.
  2. mpliner

    Curious i am. What is the base of the strategy? Basic support/resist from previous days levels? Pivot levels, swings in between those levels?

    The reason i ask is because trading US (THEN) was more a exercise in trading certain tick points than regular everyday technical analysis. To clarify that let me say this: In the Bonds, one could see a move of 1/2 a handle (16/32) and fade that, other times quick fades of plus or minus 8 ticks would be attempted.

    Myself, i disliked this strategy so moved on to the ES when the indexes became big volume instruments.

    Now if this is what you use and it works, more power to you. Bonds in my opinion do not setup as nicely as ES etc for TA.

    Thks, Good luck...........PS, also, maybe the US, TY, have changed their stripes since i last traded them...........