Looking for a trendline program_

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  1. I'm looking for a software/program that scans all the future markets and finds trendlines (essentially draws its own) - I know there's software like this out there- like "trendline trader" but I am not keen on paying $99/mo and am confident that there's better alternatives out there.

    From there all I'd want is it to send me an alert when that trendline has been established / or even possibly just make a trade for me_

    Post here or message me,_
    I appreciate it
  2. wouldn't pay a dime over 98 a month, see if you can lowball them
  3. Bob111


    if you are this cheap..here is your tool-


    btw-how many futures markets out there anyway? i'm pretty sure even if you use that ruler above-you can do just fine..
    f** hilarious....i need this,that and also this-but i'm not paying anything..even $100 for it..what's your intentions or expectations then? are you planning to make some money i guess? then prepare to spend some..
  4. don't you need a crayon?

  5. Just use a bit of sweat from the forehead.
  6. I have been doing it manually up till now
    and seeing how it's 2012 and all it doesn't seem like it should be out of reach- or anything more than free

    in fact I have found some available for free I just wanted to see if anyone here is using them/what they are using

    I appreciate those of you who provide helpful responses, thanks
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    oldies but goodies..
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  8. thanks for the reply Bob,
    anyone have anything else that they use?

    again greatly appreciated!
  9. I draw my trend lines in blood.

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