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    I have been working in the commodities sector, mainly energy over the past for years. I have put in time at Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Schroders. For the most part I have had operational jobs, ranging from P&L analyst to settlements clerk. I have a great understanding of the trading environment and have a strong desire to start trading. However, working for large investment banks there are too many political hoops to jump through to obtain a position on the desk. It has grown quite old and I'm looking for a respectable prop firm and enter a trainee program. I wold appreciate any info people could pass along on possible firms and/or contacts to work with and what to look out for. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Try to get a prop position that does not require a capital deposit. You risk nothing but your time and effort.
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    thanks....do you know the percentages on most prop firms in regard to a capital deposit? Most places I have read about do not require any persoanl funds
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    with the experience you have , you may want to check out

    First New York Securities and/or Schonfeld Securities



    from what I know, most other places are the, "here's your desk, go get 'em" places. so unless you know what and how you're gonna trade you're better off with a place that offers more training like the two firms mentioned above.
    good luck.....and keep us informed of your progress if you can.

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    thanks again! i really appreciate all the help and will let you know how it turns out
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    does anyone have any info on etg(electronic trading group)...they seem to come up on all my searches, but there web page doesn't provide that much info
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    Do a search on this site for ETG or the firms uptik mentioned. You will find more than you need I'm sure. :)
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    thanks...that is actually really helpful
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    Try Worldco...
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    thanks....does worldco require a deposit from prospective traders?
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