Looking for a trading partner, preferably in SD

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    I am looking for a trading partner to trade a new high to moderate frequency trading system I have developed. Preferably in the San Diego area, but any location is possible if you are qualified and experienced. I first posted this on another forum on this site but I wanted to see what kind of response I might get on this one too.

    I will teach you how to recognize the trade setups on different time frames and provide you with a new type of short term intra-day timing that is very accurate. Instead of trying to brag and tell you just how accurate, I will be happy to just show you in screenshots and in real time. And its applicable in all major markets, i.e. S&P, Forex, Gold, Crude, Stocks, etc. There would never be any overnight risk and we would just split any profits after expenses. I can provide any details you want. A CQG IC platform is also required.

    I am looking for someone to do this because I am in the process of building a new technology company and I want to focus on finishing the rest of the applications. Once that is done, the plan is to create a private trading company to apply the systems and I will be searching for more prospective traders to train then too. If you want to be involved with the company at that point that will be an option for you too since you will already be trained.

    I've been an analyst and trader since 1979 so I have been around the block a few times. I am looking to build something significant here. If you are seriously interested, PM me and we'll see where things go.
  2. do you actually know what high frequency trading is?

    High frequency? you know that? thousands of trades a day, do you nou that?

    That means it does not need humans.

    If you look for "a trading partner," it may not be a high frequency trading system?

    Oh, sorry, you also said "moderate." funny, in some places, it is called medium, liberal, Republican, Democratic, neither high nor low frequency trading.... you are so clueless.
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    As the obvious expert that you are I am sure you are aware of the variations in high to moderate frequency trading strategies? Some trade "thousands" of times a day, yes. Some do not. Semantics aside, its all about having an "edge" isn't it?

    The strategy I have developed is highly quantified, although not 100%. If you want to know why not I will explain privately. Otherwise, read Ed Seykota and you will get some insights.

    Positions are held for very brief periods of time. Generally not seconds, but sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes even a few hours. It depends on the time frame that is being focused on. But there is no net investment position at the end of the day. There are longer term applications, but that's for another time.

    The plan is to see if I can find a few traders to train and then start a trading company in the near future once all the other tech I am working on is finished. Those traders will be invited to join the company then if they wish since they will already be trained in our methods and systems.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. That's pretty high frequency to me, I am satisfied.:D :D
  5. sounds interesting I have a PM fired away! :)
  6. Which frequency are you willing to trade on?

    A. The high-frequency trading: hold for 7-10 minutes.

    B. The medium-frequency trading: hold for 15-45 minutes.

    C. The low-frequency trading: hold for 3-6 hours.

    D. All of the above.

    E. None of the above.

    F. Both B and C.

    G. 98.7 FM.

    H. 102.29 AM.
  7. actually im really really far south, and it's 102.5 fm cha cha

    Most of my trades are between 0-5 minutes with a few lasting a coupe hours.. I PMed the guy.. must be real busy with his system making all the money $$$

  8. You might have PMed him at the wrong frequency. Last time I checked, he was on low-medium frequency, holding time is one weekend. :D
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    The position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who contacted me. When the trading company starts in a few months I will be looking for more candidates to train to trade the company's funds.
  10. Isn't that too quick?

    Don't you want to go through a selection process?

    Think about it, you will give them your company money to trade, don't you want to be a little little more serious about the selection process?

    At least have an interview, right? Company money is at stake, you know.

    "The position has been filled." :D :D you make laugh.
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