Looking for a Trading Partner or Prop Firm for trading capital, offering 5% daily

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by traderum, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for a Trading Partner or Prop Firm for trading capital, offering 5% daily.

    Over the last 2 years I've intensively studied the markets and have written
    a daytrading program using IB's (Interactive Brokers) TWS C++ API.

    With it I'm consistently making at least 5% profit _daily_ using the TWS Demo Server
    (which BTW is IMO not just a demo but very real, just using an offset in the prices..).
    During the test phase in the last 2 months there was not a single day where I made a loss.
    I'm trading 24h a day, ie. mostly automated trading (AT). Mainly US stocks and occassionally also US stock options.

    This trading system/method needs a trading capital of at least $100k (ie. DTBP $400k),
    more comfortable is an account with $500k (DTBP $2m).
    As already mentioned the program works only with IB's TWS API, so the account must be at IB.

    Unfortunately I don't have funds of that size.
    So I'm looking for a Prop Firm or an Individual who would let me trade their/his capital.
    The contract would run at least 3 months and I ask only for the profits above 5%;
    ie. profits upto 5% go directly to the investor. So I profit only if I make more than 5% daily.
    I would trade from home, I'm located in Germany.

    This is my offer.
    If seriously interessted contact me via PM for any questions etc.

    Best Regards,
  2. damn.
  3. thejam


    Wow!!! 5%
  4. why do you need 100K ? If you make 5% a day no drawdown or very little you can start with any amount pretty much, how much is IB minimum ? 2K ?
    20K would be plenty enough. You''de be millionaire in no time !

    Not that I don't believe you, but two months is not much. And from experience., intraday behavior of markets is the least stable, most prone to changes so I would be careful. That's why daytrading is so tough and for most never yield the same performance over the long run (10 years +)
  5. gkishot


    What is your downside under this deal?
  6. "With it I'm consistently making at least 5% profit _daily_ using the TWS Demo Server"

    Funny, last night, 4 unicorns were grazing in our local park..

    I am thinking this is more a way to harvest names/email addresses/potential subscribers who somehow buy into this...
  7. zdreg


    who ever said that scams were only natural to the american character?
  8. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    This is a joke. At 5% daily, with a minimum starting $2K account you would generate over $500K in less than 4 months. And then about 5 months later you would have generated over $1 Billion. That's all starting with a mere $2K account. So guys, please take these so-called "offers" with a huge grain of salt.
  9. Wow magna, good point.
    Can you lend him 2k?

  10. zdreg


    #10     Nov 29, 2009
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