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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by erichamm, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. erichamm


    I've recently been trading the futures markets. My intial capital was $5,600 I've had a good six months of trading and my capital is now at $32,000. The main theory I use is Elliot wave. I also use bollinger bands, wilder's adx, and R.S.I. Does anyone know of any firms that will let me trade their capital. I don't want to go through any firms that make me put up my own capital. How much more time of trading on my own will I need to trade until firm's will take me seriously.
  2. Maverick74


    Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you f*cking out of your mind? You think 6 months constitutes a trading record? Try at least 3 years, preferably 5 years of consistent returns with minimum drawdowns.

    Jesus man, sometimes I wonder where people get these ideas from. If you want to trade my friend, it's pay to play. Either put the capital up or send your resume to a firm that hires one out of thousand applicants. There are no shortcuts in life and certainly not in trading. Good luck and please grow up. This is the real world.
  3. erichamm


    I've seen people on this forum ask the same question and have no trading experience at all. I mean for christ's sakes I just made a 550% return. I figure that if I make half the return for the next six months that has to carry some credit. Some firm out there has to have enough common sense to break me off a small piece of capital.
  4. put your money where your mouth is..... why do you need a firm
  5. erichamm


    to trade with larger capital. I figure I can make more money on a larger account
  6. 32k is plenty to trade futures. you can control 64 ym's or es's.thats 3200 per s@p pt. what more leverage do you want?
  7. erichamm


    You think I'll be good with 32k, just keep rolling with that. I guess I'll just keep trying to develop it.
  8. Ebo


    What's wrong with the pace you are achieving currently?
    Those are impressive, assuming you don't blow up by being too big too soon.

    Good luck!
  9. So, you are actually making more than 4% a day on a regular basis.
    Can you make a few examples of your winning trades?
    I'd like to know what stocks or commodities you are trading...
    ...I don't think you are into futures, or are you?
  10. erichamm


    Yeah I'm just trading futures. I'm using Elliott wave theory. I trade in any market that is trading according elliott. The best times to sell are after the second wave of the A and C wave. That's where I've had my best trades, I feel that's the safest trade.
    #10     Sep 21, 2005
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