Looking for a trading desk in NYC

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  1. I'm looking to move out of the home office and move into a trading room in New York City somewhere.

    I'd like to use my own software, retail broker etc. (Not sure if this is possible.)

    I guess I'm looking for a desk that will provide the hardware, T3 internet etc.

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    In Manhattan only or Brook/Queens/JC? And what do you mean by hardware - computer and monitors too?
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  4. Why is trading on a shared T1 bad? Can someone get access to your account?

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    just keep trading from home and send me the 400 bucks monthly for the advice. i only accept certified bank checks or money orders.
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    Demand for the bandwidth. A T1 is only 1.5 up/dn, and most offices that are not data-intensive setups (like a graphics shop, etc) do not have more than 1 line into their office. Do you really want to rely on narrow bandwidth for your quotes/charts/executions while one of your officemates is youtube-ing and such?
  8. What James said. If you have charts up and pull quotes across a bunch of markets and a lot of securities you could easily pull 15mbps down (10x a T1).

    In NYC you can get Time Warner Cable's Wide Band (DOCSIS 3.0) for $100 a month. The base is 50mbps down and 5mbps up.

    They are doing a promo where you can either do beta testing for them (they often restart your modem some nights between 3-4am) or purchase an additional $50/month 4G setup on Beta and have two lines.

    Beta $99/month = 50mbps up / 50mbps down, static IP (FWIW, they have only restarted my modem once in 4 months)

    Beta $139/month = 50mbps up / 50mbps down, static IP, nightly reset between 3-4am AND a 4G modem thing.

    ^^^ thats retail, you can't get those prices in offices but still, compared to a $400/month shared T1 line its pretty good. I consistantly get 43-46mbps up/down

  9. Thanks for the info.
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