Looking For A Trading Computer?

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  1. I ran across these guys on eBay. They're selling Dell T5810 workstations with "low end configuration" (though more than adequate for trading) for very low prices* and including 1 year warranty (optional 3-yr for additional $40). Bought one myself. They sent me the wrong one but quickly "made things right". Can't beat that!

    They have >100,000+ transactions with 99+% feedback.

    Look for them on eBay or ... www.Reviveit.io


    *If you buy one of these quality machines for stupidly low price, you owe me a beer and a burrito! :)
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  2. Sorry I need 64 cores and 64 GB of RAM for some reason
  3. CPU is 8 years old and carries a slew of branch prediction security vulnerabilities. Most have been patched out but as a result in specific use cases performance is crippled. Not a good characteristic for a professional environment. Could lead to strange edge cases. At this point, people really should be making a point to avoid old Intel systems that are vulnerable to the endless security flaws that have hit over the past year.

    Likewise with old DDR3. Not everyone needs 64-threads, but lower latency is never unwanted.

    Also, anyone buying an old system for critical systems should additionally be buying a new SSD of a model type with a proven record of reviews. Many SSD models have high failure rates, bad firmware revisions, etc, and it's prudent to just go out and get a suitable new SSD (Samsung 850/860 are cheap and reliable, some Intel drives are good, etc).

    It works but it's very easy to do better with a slightly increased budget.
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  4. The CPU is only 3-5 years old*, and "one generation back". Not cutting edge, of course... but not necessary for trading either. That it's "last year's model" is why the big discount. My current workstations are 10 years old and still humming... smooth as a gravy sandwich. I'm replacing them only because Microsoft is "forcing me".

    Up to the consumer to determine whether the lower price on a used computer is "worth it." $1,500 or $300?

    *New enough that there are patches for known CPU vulnerabilities, so no genuine concerns.
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    lol five years is 1gen back? You stoned from watching those delayed demo charts?

    People, please... optimal hardware is important. Don't listen to this loser.
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  7. Why not check out remote desktop? Speedytradingservers.com worked well for me...
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    For Mac users searching for a holiday deal, this MBP is 2 cycles back (mid' 18), but nearly spec'd out with a solid markdown.

    2.9 GHz Intel Core i9 Six-Core
    32GB RAM
    2TB SSD
    AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU (4GB GDDR5)


    Just throwing this out there as one of many options, and BTW... BH usually has prior generation macs (particularly the spec'd out ones) heavily discounted around this time every year.
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  9. Kind of in a different realm, don't you think? You're talking $2,700. I'm talking ~$300.
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    Yeah, definitely. Wasn't trying to hijack thread. Just thought I'd add an option from different realm, for those "looking for a trading computer?" So many options nowadays...
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