Looking for a Trading Coach?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Gyles, Sep 10, 2007.

Looking for a Trading Coach?

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    What my coach did for me was save me lot's of time and pain learning things that could of been avoided or altogether eliminated. You can learn from your own losses and spend lot's of valuable time making mistakes yourself or you can do what I and others do and learn from those traders who are successful. I guess it depends on how much money you have and how serious you are about making it.

    Every successful person starts as a beginner. My thoughts were if my true goal is to be a successful trader then why not learn from one. My experience was well worth the little money I paid.

    For what it's worth,

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  2. Gyles


    Sincere thanks for your kind and encouraging remarks and reciprocate the same for your trading. :) You have written a very informative post with useful inputs and suggestions. This can be used for the following threads:

    The truth about TRADING. Can you handle it?

    Looking for a Trading Coach?

    If you do not mind, can we know more of your trading experiences and which programming language and platform do you use? Thanks!
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  3. If you do indeed have a winning system as you say, and you have developed it, then we can assume that you have a sufficient familiarity with the markets to draw a profit. Your inability to do so has to do with you rather than the system you referred to. If that is the case, you may be laboring under any number of cognitive distortions including the need for perfectionism. To address these personal lissues, you may wish to read David Burns's The Feeling Good Handbook. Dr. Burns is a psychiatrist and something of an authority on cognitive therapy, which is noted for its relative simplicity and effectiveness.
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  4. After having gone through this thread, I noticed the following:

    Read books of

    1. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
    2. Brett Steenbarger
    3. Mark Douglas
    4. "A pattern for daily living"by Ari Kiev-
    5."Traders Secrets", by Adrienne and Murray
    6. "Zen and the Art of Poker"
    7."Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom" by Van K. Tharp
    8. "The Feeling Good Handbook" by David Burns

    Trader's coaches

    1. Adrienne's website is http://www.tradingontarget.com
    2. Ruth Roosevelt

    Other Sites/Courses:

    1. http://www.InspiringJourneyToFinancialFreedom.com: Site
    2. http://crossovertrading.com/: Course
    3. http://www.futuresinvestingmadeeasy.com: Site

    Are there any more helpful hints, which we can make use of?
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  7. Gyles


    Thanks Franksie for the information. :) Please give your views on the above mentioned site (http://www.futuresinvestingmadeeasy.com) for the benefit of all of us.
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    May I suggest Adrienne Toghraie. I just attended a 2 day seminar and have really seen a positive change in my trading, and also, a spill over into my private life...all for the better.:p :D
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  9. Gyles


    Please share your expeiences and the lessons learned. Thanks. :)
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  10. Thanks to you all for the answers. :)

    There is another interesting thread where a person wishes to know more of mentors, please have a look here:

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=132652&perpage=6&pagenumber=16 (Johnny post)
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