Looking for a trading business partner.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Iv been trading for 5 years now (2 years alone).

    Im currently looking for a trading partner to trade along side with, someone with at least 3 years experience. Someone thats time frame works with trading the London session and tokyo session. i live in australia and am 21 years of age.

    If anyone is interested in knowing more you can email me at zacrobertsau@gmail.com

    kind regards

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  2. CBC


    U started trading at 16?
  3. gkishot


    2 losers does not necessarily equal 1 winner.
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  4. yes sir i sure did
  5. just21


    Get a desk at a co-working office and let people know where you are. If there is no co-working where you are then set one up as it is a very profitable business. Www.wework.com own no offices but are raising money at an $ 18 billion valuation.
  6. Sounds like you want more of a buddy to trade with. That's fine.

    If you want an actual business partner, you are getting yourself too deep at a young age.

    Trust me. Been there, done that. Stay independent at any cost. And thanks for bringing back memories of the 2 nightmare trading business relationships I have been in. Live and learn.
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    Max E.

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