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    I have some monies aside...
    Not a whole lot, 10K.
    I am looking into investing it, but I honestly don't have the time to educate myself about the markets, and i am realizing through what I am reading here, that it's easy for newbies to blow their accounts with their inexperience.

    A few trips to the local banks, Ameriprise, and Schwabb shops...and I was very disappointed. They either gave me the impression that I would be ONE among bazillion customers they have.... or worse... felt the need to lecture me about having to be cautious with money, having to purchase life insurance..and I was like.. Fuck that, I am not here for this BS.

    So basically, what I would be open to, is finding an independent trader, with a good/proven track record, preferably from the Chicago area... Someone who could be aggressive enough to bring the portfolio from 10 to 50-60 within a month or two.

    The person would have control over the portfolio... I am not a nag...and quite frankly, quite busy with my own job...

    Compensation is scalable, and negotiable.

    Looking for a LT partnership...
  2. i think your expectations are way to high man.. you would be better off in vegas.

    10 grand could make 2 grand in a year - if you need more income you will loose it trying to get it.
  3. please let me know fdic insd cd's that return 20%. i have to agree, you can gamble but there is no way you can expect to make 400%+ return over a couple months.
  4. How the hell do you expect someone to make 500% in a month? You might as well go to Vegas. You would realistically have to be all in on every trade plus be trading on a huge margin. Your goal is highly unrealistic.
  5. If someone was making those returns, why would they be interested in your 10K???
  6. I think the rest of us would also be interested in someone who could painlessly make our $$$ go up 500% in a month :D
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    Thank you for your posts.
    That tells you how much I know about the topic.
    I just happened to read here and there, in ET, a few posts, about how that could be feasible with aggressive options trading.
    I appreciate your input...
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    LOL. With aggressive options trading you just might make it until 3:45 EST your first day before blowing out. But not likely.:eek:
  9. Just short Google and pray.
  10. Three option trades with a return of 100% each will do it.
    • Trade #1 $10,000 = $20,000
    • Trade #2 $20,000 = $40,000
    • Trade #3 $40,000 = $80,000
    Tough to pull off but I'm sure it can be done. So far there has been no live EliteTrader trading journal that has produced such a return, a few have tried but all have failed.
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