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  1. I have few strategies written for TradeStation I cannot run myself.

    I am looking for a trader (or few) with TradeStation accounts who can run my strategies and provide me with the results of real trading. There is no charge or profit sharing until the trust is established.

    The strategies I am willing to share at this point appear to be reasonably profitable and stationary. The drawback they apply to certain instruments (stocks) only. You of course will have full discretion on whether to trade them or not.

    Here goes the first one. Please PM me if interested.

    I am attaching archive with the hypothetical results. The strategy trades 100 shares of GOOG. Avg profit per share is $90 per trade after commission. Slippage is unaccounted for.
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  2. Hi

    Very low-risk algorythim, well done!

    I don't have a TS account, but I know they have softened their requirements, as of lately, enabling the real revolutionaires of retail trading to have a better chance of getting through an account application.

    Please do not give away your secrets, if u pass on your startegies ppl will use them, therefore charges and profit sharing schemes may apply to u only, cause there are very effective ways to use your code without legally breaking any trust or financial contract I know of (which are not many but the more mainstream ones including Offshore deals). U would only be covered if you applied for an international patent, which is a lot of investment and may not be an adequate solution, for most of us.

    Alternatively, think about the strategy: some strategies work better with more money involved (though there is always a ceiling), maybe bluechip stocks but not small and mid cap for sure. My opinoon: try Fx.

    There are various options regarding software packages included in brokerage services with much easier requirements to open account and some are free or charge very little.

    Hope it helped! Enjoy ur trading week!
  3. lindq


    As detailed in your spreadsheet, Buy and Hold for this period was 427% on Google.

    But your strategy profit was 35%.

    So if you had simply bought 100 shares and let it ride, you would have been far better off, with no work at all.
  4. You should realize that the risk is much less than using B&H. The total time strategy spent on the market was 52 days. (Avg trade holding time is 3 hrs).

    To hold 100 GOOG overnight you need to freeze 60K that will go up and down by tens of thousands. To trade 100 GOOG intraday only 15K will give you enough buying power. You can also use leverage it for free as it is intraday.
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    I certainly buy the concept of risk aversion and intraday leverage.

    However, in the case of GOOG, given a 400+% move in the stock, I'll lay odds that you could have bought the open on any random day, held to the close, and been better off than your strategy.

    I'm simply making the point that your backtest, with this particular stock, doesn't demonstrate anything of interest.

    The problem with using a platform like TS to create a specific system for one stock, is that you just can't escape curve fitting. The odds of GOOG repeating the same patterns in the future aren't great.

    Now, if you have a system that shows good historical results on a portfolio of 100, 500 or 1,000 stocks, then things get interesting. IMHO.
  6. 1. This is a L/S strategy in case you have not noticed. If results look like random trading to you, I won't argue. I support the goal of creating universal strategies. It just happens however that sometimes the universe of stocks where strategy works is smaller that one could wish.

    I have noticed a long term stationarity of strategy and leave the stationarity validation (I was unable to build a criteria) to trader's discretion.

    2. Certainly. Interesting and confidential.