Looking for a Top Trading Prop Firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Jmiguel, May 18, 2004.

  1. Jmiguel


    Anyone know of any other Prop Firms like REFCO that have good training/trading support and the ability to also trade Futures & Currencies?

    Intermediate Trader looking to trade Full Time and finish developing/backtesting trading strategies with other professional traders?

    Want to cut down on system building and risk management learning curves in trading technical trading systems...

    It's time to trade and cut thru the snake oil of what's out there..

  2. Try the search button on the upper right. There have been plenty of discussions about this.
  3. Jmiguel


    txs My Demaray,

    I have, but much of the info seems to be somewhat outdated as many Prop Firms have gone belly up and I was looking for recent postings...

    I will continue to search, ask and you shall recieve