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  1. I'm looking for a successfull trader who is willing to sell a system or mentor me or a combo of both...

    I'm willing to purchase this and willing to spend 5k-100k for this. I am willing to give up a certain amount of the profit. I am very flexible and very open to different terms. Maybe a mixture of cash upfront and a % of me from my trading profits.

    I don't want any programmers who put systems together daily with backtested results of 1000% monthly that do not actually trade for a living. I need someone who does this for a living.

    I want a person(s) who actually trades and can furnish account statements for me to view in person. This shows they practice what they preach. This is 100% a must for obvious reasons.

    I prefer something that is 99% mechanical and preferably automated. I think everyone will agree that with discretionary trading, you can have two people with the same system and two completely different p/l totals. I would like to avoid that.

    I'm willing to sign a non-disclosure, non-compete agreement. I will not re-sell anything. Everything can be done 100% legally that way everyone is protected.

    I'm sure everyone will say why would someone who makes X amount of year sell their money maker..? MY only response is if the system can handle another trader on it then why not sell it for 25k, 50k, 75k? That's a nice chunk of money for someone willing to sell a system.

    Feel free to message me. Please no flamers or haters. I am 100% legit and expect the same. I don't have times for games.
  2. I am a successful trader with a proven track record.
    I don't like your attitude or the tone of your post, ergo you will get fuck all help from me.
  3. What's wrong with the guy's attitude?
    Only stating he's serious and willing to pay. If he can find a ''seller'', and they both agree on terms, then good luck to both!

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    calm yourself wee man
  5. "keep losses small", you can send 5K to charity. I'm sure I saved you at least that. I wished I would have learned that one early. Quite the range for a system, why not learn to trade for yourself? much more fun than watching some smooth talker lose your dough!:D
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    I know someone who has exactly what you are asking for. Last year he was up 55%

    His price tag is 5.5 mil x his system.
  7. Your welcome to join myself and other traders in the ET chat where we talk about trading all day long.

    I myself understand your desire to trade mostly a mechanical system as that is what I do in large part.

    Your welcome to take a look at my journal and blog to get an idea of how I trade and with some of the others in the chat room your bound to get some new ideas and it won't cost you anything.
  8. A condescending beggar? WTF?

    Anyone who's put in the work to craft a working system doesn't share it with friends much less anonymous beggars on bulletin boards. If I was convinced my system could make another 75k, I'd be making another 75k. WTF do I need you for?

    If you aren't willing to work at it you won't ever be a successful trader. Some of those programmers you demean will eventually be decent traders. I'm betting against you at this point, you lazy fuck.


  9. a sucessfull trader is the same a sucessfull business

    why would BILL GATES give away the rights of MICROSOFT
    "there is no price for Hard Work"

    if I sell you my system, you will give it to wife kids cousins friends

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