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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by apage, Oct 1, 2011.

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    I have been looking at stock scans and stock screeners but I have not been finding the stocks I am looking for.

    I would like to find a stock(s) similar in volatility to BIDU (discounting this last month) with price of $75-$200 and at least 3 million shares traded daily. This volatility can't be a new thing it has to be steady such as BIDU's. BIDU's 20 day ATR going back to early 2008 has NEVER been below 2% of its total value and on average is usually around 3.5% or higher.

    I know this may be asking a lot but if anyone could recommend a stock(s) with similar metrics that would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. 3 million exchanging hands per day, implying liquidity coupled with high volatility would be a tough hurdle. It's a "small" world". Such an animal would be in the limelight by virtue of a large number of shareholders.

    Liquidity is conducive to tighter spreads and LESS volatility. Eh........."balanced"

    You're typical liquid stock will fluctuate just above 2%.
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    I understand what you're saying about the liquidity somewhat dampening the volatility and my response to that is that what I'm looking that atypical volatile liquid stock. I know its a tough set of criteria but I know there must be some out there besides BIDU.
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    Try this...


    Copy and paste this syntax into a "Create Filter" scan:

    close between 75 and 200
    avg vol(20) above 3000000

    add column atr(20)

    set{xchange, atr(20)}
    set{ychange, xchange/close}
    set{zchange, ychange * 100}

    add column zchange{Pct}

    sort column 6 descending


    Returns 23 stocks ranked greatest to least in terms of atr(20) as percent of close.

    NFLX #1 at 11.28%
    CEPH #23 at .26%

    Very simple scan that can easily be tweaked in any number of ways. Not exactly what you want as the historical value is skewed.
    However this scan does rank via your parameters stocks that are currently performing in the last month at least to your specs.

    Im not sure but I think SF historical data to scan goes only two years back. So simply change the atr variable for however many months you're looking (and able) to go back.

    You could easily do similar with Tradestation/Multicharts/Amibroker etc and many of the other usual suspects software. If you need the whole historical lookback probably the best way to customize what you want is to Excel spreadsheet it with a data dump from Yahoo Finance.

    Hope that helps
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    The stocks
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    Thank you guys!You help is much appreciated!