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  1. Dan F

    Dan F

    I'm looking for a stock scanner that can find stocks between $1 and $20 that gapped up at least 8% premarket, which can run this scan for any day in the past year. In Trade Ideas, I can scan historical data for these conditions, but it only goes back 3 months, and I want to go back farther. I checked out StockFinder as well as Garsworld Stock Vision Market Replay, and these can do historical scans, but it looks like they can only scan from a watchlist, but I want to scan the entire market. Does anyone know of a way I can do this?
  2. Did you look at Eido?
  3. R1234


    Eido looks interesting but I do not see any pricing information on their site.
    Any idea how much it costs?
  4. DDR


    Wonder if it really does work ?
  5. botpro


    Regarding watchlist: simply put the whole market into your watchlist... ;-)

    I wonder for what the result of such a scan of historical data can be of any use afterwards?

    Do you know the Earning Reports seasons every 3 months? Many ER's come out even before
    market opening, ie. in the premarket...
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  6. Dan F

    Dan F

    Thanks all for your responses. After a lot of research and finding that none of the mainstream scanners out there can do it, I finally found one that can do it: http://stockcharts.com/. It's a fraction of the price and I can backscan up to 4 years in the past! This data will help me immensely in backtesting my trading strategy.
  7. botpro


    I don't see anything of a scanner mentioned on their site...

  8. Stock screeners at

    I tried to run them for 2008, no result But I got some lists for 2010 - see snapshot below


    They also offer price and volume (money flow) filter, however I am not sure about "gapped up at least 8% premarket"
  9. Dan F

    Dan F

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