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    Long time no psot in this great forum... Reason basically that I've been messing up with a new project involving asset management in forex...

    Now we're all set, but need 1-2 more traders to go along in this project; we offer excellent retribution and a lifetime fx trading career to anyone who is a solid intraday/short term trader with low/very low drawdowns and quite activity in the market.

    Is that you? Drop me a private message and we'll talk. I intend to go posting the daily results of the selected trader/s + me in the journals section, so contact me if you're interested.

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  2. Sounds scary :eek:

    Ok, so how much 'retribution' are you offering exactly? What's the size of the fund that the trader would be trading? Which broker? Targets?

    What's the deal, or is it a secret?

    C'mon, sell the idea, for all anyone knows you could be looking for churners so you can just take a rebate for yourself.....
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    Well, I honestly was not expecting this kind of aggressive answer on the first part. By 'excellent retribution' I basically mean the % that a trader can get from what he generates, in both terms of volume and performance.

    If you think that 'churning' is what we want to do, go ahead, but you're completely wrong. We are performance based and offer the trader 20% from the profits/revenues he generates for the company. The more one makes, the more it gets.

    We are a young company and have les than $1M under management, but we are growing rather rapidly.

    I am NOT, and those of you who have seen my previous posts may know that, trying to sell anything, but trying to find a good trader to complete the group that will manage the portfolio. I apologize If it sounded in any other way. But what I will not tolerate is the type of response that makes me look like what am not. So, whether you think this is your opportunity or not, drop a private message, thanks.
  4. I like your response, it shows you're an intelligent person...good luck with your project.
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    I am guessing your first language is not English.

    retribution: Something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.

    You meant to say compensation.

    Good luck with your venture.
  6. There's a whole lot more to this than is immediately apparent!

  7. Nothing aggressive, they were simply questions, but now it's starting to remind me of a recent SCAM!

    This is all beginning to sound very familiar, even the writing style and errors. Does the trader need to prove himself with an $XX,000 account using his own money and the broker of your choice, and only trade from your office at Boston Tech or the offices of the 'client' you are recruiting for, in Kansas City or somewhere if I remember correctly?

    The numbers don't stack up anyway. You say you're looking for 1-2 more traders and will pay them 20% of the profit they make, and the fund is less than 1m (I'm sure it was 20m last time I saw it) :p

    Don't be taken in by this, carry out some extreme due diligence before having anything to do with it.