Looking for a Solid Data Feed Vendor

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by fbell50, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. fbell50


    I’m looking for a new data feed vendor. Currently I use Market Track. Their uptime is excellent. They go down for a few minutes perhaps twice a year which is acceptable. My primary complaint is they are losing data when the stock markets first open. It is important to me to get the official opening quote, but some days they miss 700+ out of the 2500 I monitor.

    This has been a recurring problem. I first brought it to their attention last May and after some nagging they agreed there was a problem and fixed it. Now it is happening again. Apparently it is a capacity problem. They are unable to keep up with the exchange data feeds at the open. The data they lose is never captured.

    I’ve considered eSignal, but user comments make it seem unreliable when compared to Market Track.

    Does anyone know of a data feed whose uptime matches Market Track’s and which delivers more complete data? I’m not interested a direct data feed from the exchange. I’m looking for a consolidated feed.
  2. squeeze


    Reuters, comstock?