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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this board and also to the industry. I recently passed my series 3 exam and have begun to look for a job in Chicago and the Chicago land area. This is a completely new adventure for me and b/c of this I am unaware of where to begin looking for a place of employment. Does anyone have some suggestions on where to find reputable companies to send my resume too or some good companies to start off with?
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    This is the wrong forum for you... This website is about investing, not about employment.

    Since you asked, the Federal National Mortgage Association is a very large institution, with very few directions to go but up, and they get a lot of support from the government. Send them your resume asap.
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    thank you for your reply i apologize for the incorrect posting area, could you suggest where it would be appropriate to post something like this
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  5. You mean, you have minimal trading experience? A Series 3 based only on study is not worth a whole lot. And if memory serves correctly, a Series 3 is designed to become a CTA or something like that to start managing the money of others, not an employee.

    And there is a whole flock of Series 3 passers out there who are not able to find much use for it. You are in NON exclusive territory, especially in this economy...

    You register with NFA, etc. yet? Paid your annual dues?