Looking for a software to monitor protfolio

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a good software to monitor my stocks,options protfolio.

    I want to be able to enter trades I did by date of options and stocks

    And it will autmaticly reads the current values for open trades and let me know my P/L

  2. I had a problem trying to find software to keep track of my options trades. So I decided that I was going to create my program. A lot of the features are done, but I am still working on it and it should be out of beta in the next couple of months.

    For more information on the program the website is http://www.optionstracker.com

    Here are some other sites that I looked at, but did not have everything I wanted. Maybe it will help you.

    http://www.the-portfolio-tracker.com/ (This one is not up right now)
    This is the google cache for it:
  3. Hello,

    Will you software will enable to track also stock positions?

    When will I be able to test your software?
  4. Yes it can track just stock positions too or any combination that you can think of.

    I use the collar trade and covered call a lot in my trading and my program makes it easy for me to keep track of my original cost basis month after month.

    Pretty much any combination and as many legs as you want. If it cannot handle something with stock/options, I would add it.

    Right now the waiting list is pretty long, and I already have a backlog of people waiting. Only a couple people have it right now while I add more features and work out all the bugs. I am not sure if I am going to be releasing a beta to all users that were not signed up.
  5. Thanks, your software looks promising

    Can itrademax track options positions?
  6. itrademax can track options.

    From the time that I tested it out they could not track multiple leg options, and that was the main thing I was looking for.

    If you are just buying calls and puts it may be a good program to check into. It has a free trial.

  7. I'm just selling covered calls / naked puts
    and doing sometimes iron condors and spreads
  8. It looks good

    Thanks for your help :)
  9. Very interesting post! I get the same results from my brokerage firm, TD ameritrade! in fact, they even show my break even points without me asking!
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