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  1. Does anyone know of a cheap or free indicator or code for a smooth macd.i like the jurik one but i dont want to spend $200 dollars to test it for my system.does anyone know of a comparable indicator.thanks:)
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    Smooth is pretty easy to get, smooth with no delay cost -- much harder. I don't have any suggestions on something better, or even as good, as Jurrik's stuff (or atleast, my impression of it based on his web page) but there are a few possibilities for smoothness:

    Patrick Mulloy developed the TEMA and DEMA moving averages, which uses a modified form of exponential smoothing. You can get some basic information at: http://www.paritech.com/education/technical/indicators/trend/tema.asp

    You could use linear regression which has some good smoothness characteristics as well as tracking the price very closely. This is not, however, a moving average.

    Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average is annother possibility -- it changes its speed based on the volatility in the price series.
  3. Thanks Tiocsti for the help:)

  4. There is a "zero lag MACD" available for Amibroker which was based on ZeroLag EMA - see Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities April 2000
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    Try FIR filter for TS (you can get the code for free at their forum). Its as good as it gets. And, by-the-way, there is no "0" delay smooth interpolators by definition.
  6. Well yes...Could he use a weighted macd to get his desired results?

    If so.....Investor R/T has this in their expensive charting program...


    Michael B.

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    Well, it depends on acceptable lag. Search the NET there is tone of free staff you can get. Remember, the best things in life are free.

    P.S. I have tested them all, the best but very complicated is IIR filter. FIR filter is easier but "harrier"
  8. Thanks everybody for your help.:)